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Our experienced team - with more than 15 years of service experience - is ready to provide you and your vehicle with a full spectrum of AUTO services and repair. Be it simple and advanced we take pride in our exceptional range of services and satisfaction.

customer satisfaction
low prices
fast service


We service and repair all car types in

a timely manner, we also have an

air-conditioned waiting area for your

convenience when you just want to


- Oil change

- Brakes

- Transmission

- Engine diagnostics

- Check engine light

- All dashboard lights

- Exhaust

- Tires

- Suspension

- Battery

- Radiator

- Fuel system

car repair, state inspection, car maintainance, ser

Car Inspection

Buying a used car? Want a 2nd opinion? Give us a call, drop in, or schedule a service for a car inspection. We will inspect the internal, external, and electrical components of your car and tell you the condition on the spot.

Drop in for service, or schedule an appointment for an oil change or a free consultation. Click Schedule Service from the main menu.

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